Vacation Rental Owners and Neighbors of Palm Springs (VRON-PS)



Mission Statement

Vacation Rental Owners & Neighbors of Palm Springs (VRON-PS) is dedicated to preserving Palm Springs rich history of vacation rentals and home-sharing through education, awareness, and the promotion of responsible vacation rental ownership and management. 


Why Was VRON-PS created?

In the ongoing debate around short-term vacation rentals, one critical group was underrepresented in meetings, negotiations, and in the media: the vacation rental homeowners and supportive neighbors themselves.

Formed in early 2017, VRON-PS gave a voice to those homeowners and residents.  In late 2018, VRON-PS expanded its representation by adding property management agencies who have a minority representation on our Board of Directors.


Our Philosophy

VRON-PS guiding principle is that tourism and residents in Palm Springs can co-exist through smart policies and best practices. Through research, open data, community involvement, collaboration, transparency and ethics, effective policies can be developed that create a win-win for neighbors, renters, businesses, property owners, and the community at large.


What We Do

    • Educate and communicate on ordinance requirements and best practices
    • Represent VR homeowners’ and agencies’ interests in meetings and negotiations with the City.
    • Manage media relations as it pertains to VRON-PS mission and objectives
    • Facilitate factual reports and studies around VR data, impact and economics
    • Build strategic partnerships with Coachella Valley tourism organizations in support of responsible VR ownership
    • Provide funding for potential legal representation


Who Does VRON-PS Represent?

VRON-PS represents both VR homeowners (whether they self manage or have a property management company), vacation rental property management companies, supportive non-VR homeowners, citizens who live and work in Palm Springs, and visitors to Palm Springs that share a common vision of responsible tourism and compliant vacation rentals and home-sharing.

VRON-PS is a 501(c)(6) non-profit corporation. Board Members do not receive any compensation.