Property Management Agency

Become an annual Property Management/Agency Member or renew your existing membership.

To join VRON-PS, please send us the name of your management company/agency and a contact name so we can send you an electronic invoice. VRON accepts all major credit cards and ACH payments or you can mail a check once you are invoiced. You can email this information by clicking here.  Or call us at (760) 790-4280.

Agencies pay an annual calendar-year membership fee that is billed in December for the next calendar year. It can be paid in either December of the current year or January of the new year.

Annual membership dues for property management companies or agencies is $100/SFR and $50/condo managed by your organization. We verify the number of homes managed using the City's Permit File. Agencies use a single, unique TOT number for all properties they are managing. Upon request, you may split this into two bi-annual payments.

We do not share your contribution and personal information with any outside entities or other VRON-PS members.

VRON-PS is a 501(c)(6) non-profit corporation. Board Members do not receive any compensation.