Property Management Agency Members

VRON-PS annual memberships and funding comes from two sources:

  • Individual homeowners who may self-manage or use a local/national agency. VRON-PS protects the privacy of all individual homeowner members. 
  • Local/national property management companies (agencies). If your agency is listed below, VRON-PS still encourages you to maintain an individual homeowner membership. Our annual budget depends on both sources.

Here is an alphabetical list of VRON-PS agency members (click to view their website):

Acme House Company
Altamira Vacation Rentals
Deja Blue Property Management
Desert Star
Dry Heat Resorts
Green Palm Springs Rentals
Host With The Most
Meredith Lodging
Natural Retreats
Oasis Rentals, Inc
Poolside Palm Springs
Private Villa Management
PSP Property Care
Savvy VRM

Please note:  As a 501(c)(6) tax-exempt organization, VRON-PS cannot endorse nor recommend any specific agency member.  This list is solely provided for knowing who is an agency member helping our VR community remain a vital part of Palm Springs tourism.