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Shannon Metcalf is a dedicated individual who has a true love for the Palm Springs community and a desire to celebrate and preserve the mid-century modern architectural heritage of Palm Springs. Her journey as a community advocate began in 2014 when she became involved with the Twin Palms Neighborhood Organization (TPNO) and Modernism Week as a volunteer. She went on to become a TPNO Board member, dedicating her time and skills to the organization until November 2021.

In 2016, Shannon was elected to the Ocotillo Lodge board, where she served diligently until 2021. Her active participation in various community initiatives, including the development of the social media outreach for Ocotillo Lodge and TPNO, demonstrates her deep-rooted connection to the Palm Springs area and desire to share its unique qualities with the world.

Shannon's love for the city led her to purchase a condo here in 2014 which she self-managed as a vacation rental. She soon decided to move here full-time and ventured into the hospitality industry by establishing her own Co-Hosting business, "Host with the Most," in Palm Springs. 

In 2017, Shannon became actively involved with VRON, supporting the defeat of Measure C. Her commitment to VRON and their incredible service to the community led her to accept a position to volunteer as a board member in 2023. 

Shannon's journey in Palm Springs reflects not only her love for the city but also her genuine dedication to community service and preservation. She has a deep commitment to creating a vibrant and thriving community in the heart of the desert.

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